December 2018 Flats Fishing Forecast
Nov 29, 2018
Fall and Winter 2018 By Capt. John Swanson

What a month! November fishing has been great and I'm looking forward to it continuing through out the next few weeks. The water has been cleaning up and making sight fishing exciting. I've been seeing good numbers of redfish on my trips and introducing them to my clients every chance I get. This was from a trip on November 21 fishing out of Apalachicola. You can admire my hands all you want but look how clear that water is!

The redfish have been pushing up very shallow on the mid=day rising tides to absorb the warmth coming off the bottom that was exposed to the sun byu the low tide. These have been single fish and several small groups of 3-7 fish. The key I would say to fishing this style is slow and thoughtful movements around the flat. The reds have been responding well to flies as well as spinning gear. 

Speaking with Capt. Anthony Stone, on a recent trip with his family, he came across some reds on a flat that were feeding next to the grass line. After catching and releasing several, he continued down the edge and observed several big trout also working the edge. He said the trout were a little spooky and hard to make a cast on, but if you could get your bain in front of them they were chewing! 

December I'm expecting to see more of the same patterns, with temperatures possibly staying low (come on its Florida, we can be in the 30's ione morning an high 70's the next). There will be great opportunities for fly anglers to get in on some skinny water redfish as well as trout. I'd be looking for water temperatures to keep easing down, pushing the fish into the creeks and rivers. We have dates open for December and into January, so lets get you out on the water!

While the region took a hit from the hurricane, Apalachicola and the businesses she holds area up and running and would love for you to come visit. With so many charities being set up and different groups soliciting you for donations, finding a way to help can be overwhelming. My response is always the same. Go there and shop local! The biggest way to help speed up the recovery is to come stay in town, eat at the restaurants and go fishing with your favorite guide.