Spring/Summer 2024
Feb 29, 2024

March - August 2024

 I'm predicting an over-the-top spring fishing season this year! Just wanted to make sure anyone who is contemplating their yearly spring break fishing adventure gets to fish with their favorite captain. March - April - May fishing means welcoming Pompano to our resident Redfish, Spotted Seatrout and Flounder, etc. As the water warms up Tripletail will be on the fishing menu as well. Flats/Fly fishing trips and Bayfishing/catch & keep trips are available so call me or book your trip online.  

May, June, July and August (Summer on the Forgotten Coast) yield a mixed plethora of pelagic species. While our family friendly Bay guides provide successful full or half day inshore trips they can also accommodate more hard-core anglers on their boats. Fly fishing anglers will appreciate fishing with Flats Guides like Capt. Nathan Donahoe, Capt. Adam Hudson and Capt. TJ Saunders for larger "silver" fish but smaller varieties are also an option. We have already accommodated our repeat anglers and have some availability - call or check our online calendars.